Compile WSO2/WSF-C and WSO2/WSF-ruby on Snow Leopard

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If you tried to compile compile WSO2/WSF-C and WSO2/WSF-Ruby extension on Snow Leopard, you know how painful it is.

Here’s the configure options for WSO2/WSF-C

./configure --prefix=/opt/wso2/wsf_c CC="gcc-4.0" CXX="g++-4.0" CPPFLAGS="-DHAVE_GETIFADDRS"

Then for WSO2/WSF-Ruby, you will have to replace all occurences of:

axis2-1.4.0 with axis2-1.6.0
rampart-1.2.0 with rampart-1.3.0

Use the provided script to find rbconfig.rb file:

ruby find_rbconfig.rb

And add following configs:

CONFIG["WSFC_HOME"] = "/opt/wso2/wsf_c"
CONFIG["WSF_LOG_DIR"] = "/var/log/"
CONFIG["WSF_RUBY_HOME"] = "/opt/wso2/wsf_ruby"

And run the build script:

# if you're using rvm
# else
sudo sh
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