Install Mongrel2 on Mac

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Want to play with Zed Shaw’s Mongrel2 on your mac? Using Homebrew in your home and not in /usr/local ?

Here’s how to get the ØMQ Homebrew’s install picked up by Mongrel2’s Makefile:

# install zeromq via homebrew
> brew install zeromq

# download and install mongrel2
tar xvjf mongrel2-1.2.tar.bz2
cd mongrel2-1.2

# to install in your home
PREFIX=$HOME OPTFLAGS="-I`brew --prefix`/include -L`brew --prefix`/lib" make all install

# to install in the default location (/usr/local)
sudo OPTFLAGS="-I`brew --prefix`/include -L`brew --prefix`/lib" make all install
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